Roll my number - Round 1

The winner selection will be live on The Iconical Telegram group.

We are using Wowrollbot bot to select the random number for the winner.

One wax address will be selected as a winner and gets a free NFT.

Step 1 - Join


Step 2 - Alert

  • Pay attention to the group pinned messages
  • To know the game about schedule and participation keyword.

Step 3 - Participate

  • Share your WAX ID in the format requested on that day.

Roll my number – Gold Coin – XXX.WAM


Step 4 - List

  • The participation list will be published on the group in the time order.
  • 1st Five WAX IDs gets a chance to play“Round 2- Elimination”

Round 2 - Elimination

1st Five WAX ids from Round 1 is qualified to play the Elimination round.

! IMPORTANT: All participants must hold at least 1 NFT from The Iconical

Select your buddy

1st Five WAX IDs can nominate one buddy each to play along.

Elimination Play

The bot will eliminate randomly – LIVE on group


  • The last remain WAX ID will be declared as a winner.
  • If any “pair” remain until the last two, they will both be declared Jackpot winners and will receive a The Iconical NFT.
  • On every weekend if the pair wins Jackpot price will be Gold coin each!

Game Schedule

Week Day Time Note
Saturday 3.30 PM UTC Elimination Jackpot “Gold Coin”


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