By The Iconical

Like all explorers past and present the key to exploration is conquering unchartered frontiers. Join us in our latest expedition to the depths of the oceans in search of lost treasure!

Per Pack (Contains 4 Digital Cards)

Probability in the drop

  • Common Cards 60% 60%
  • Rare Card 30% 30%
  • Super rare 10% 10%

Supply per drop

1st Drop
Sold Out

2nd Drop

There are a total of 6 cards to collect, 4 common cards, 1 rare card and 1 super rare card.

#01 Ship Card

01 Ship

Common Card

#01 Ship Card

02 Compass

Common Card

#01 Ship Card

03 Ship wheel

Common Card

#01 Ship Card

04 Anchor

Common Card

05 Treasure key

Rare card

06 Treasure location

Super Rare Card

Collect all 6 Cards and blend

to get Exclusive “Sea Treasure” NFT

When you have collected all 6 in this first expedition you will blend your spoils to receive the exclusive Voyager sea treasure, Chest of Treasures!

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