Project Seed ball

Project Seed Ball NFT game has multiple levels to complete and rewards tokens to collect. We have designed the gamification aspect to educate and give a basic understanding of creating seed balls. Each Level and step are carefully designed and structured to bring familiarity with Seedball.

Join us to help mother nature.

This Gamification concept teaches us how to germinate plants and trees, which is our ultimate goal.

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End of Jan 2022

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Project Seed ball

Our mission

Our mission is to be creative in our approach towards helping Mother Nature. We want to spread knowledge about Seedball. And by doing so, we wish to create a new generation of nature enthusiasts. It is no secret that the younger generations love digital technology, and we would like to engage them with our game and community tasks. But other than that, we also care about youth education through enjoyable means like gaming.

But you get more than just awareness through our Seedball game! Yes, you will receive tangible rewards like digital assets, crypto tokens, course certificates, community support, many more. Lastly, we wish to give back to nature through our efforts. Our endeavors will help reduce the carbon emissions into the atmosphere, an essential step in mitigating global warming and other environmental hazards.

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